Where am I going? 

Belgrade, Serbia. The capital of the country and where I will be staying. I have an apartment in the Old Town, walking distance to lots of bakeries, restaurants, and even my school~

When am I going? 

September 26, 2021 - June 2022

Why am I going? 

Because I want to! I really want to learn the Serbian language so I can communicate easier with relatives over there and to tap into the culture of my heritage!

What will I do when I'm there? 

Lots of things! A typical day will include two classes in the morning, going until about 1pm. But I will have weekends off. And hopefully I'll get to travel around the rest of and Europe a little bit, especially France to keep up those language skills as well! And for the rest, honestly, who knows? Not me! But you'll get to find out with me!